Is your door really just a door?

Your front door is the jewelry of your home.

It is the first and last impression guests have of your home.

It is a part of all the memorable experiences that happen by it.

Your door should not be an afterthought.

Let us help tell your story.

Our experience in each entry.

Our entries are often the place where magical, memorable events happen. The first kiss, the last hug goodbye and all the memories in between like the popsicles on the front porch, trick or treating neighbors, holiday gatherings and first day of school photos. The experiences that take place at our front doors are endless.

And that’s just the front of the home! We haven’t mentioned the back doors where the food is carried in and out from backyard barbeques and pool parties or letting the dog out, then back in and out…multiple times… every single day.

So, is a door just a door? For some it might be, but at 26 Entries, we really don’t think so. We believe they play a necessary role in how we live our lives daily.

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