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Our experience in each entry.

At Twenty-Six Entries, we think every door is part of our home’s story… and thus, our stories. There is no denying the role that a front door plays in making a statement about your home. We often refer to it as the jewelry of the front of the house as it makes a definitive statement about our property and our lifestyle.

But it’s more than that. Our doors are the gateway and first impression when we welcome guests into our home. They are also the last impression when we walk them out at the end of an evening of entertainment.

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Is it really just a door?

Our entries are often the place where magical, memorable events happen. The first kiss, the last hug goodbye and all the memories in between, like the popsicles on the front porch, trick or treating neighbors, holiday gatherings and first day of school photos. The experiences that take place at our front doors are endless.

And that’s just the front of the home! We haven’t mentioned the back doors where the food is carried in and out from backyard barbeques and pool parties or letting the dog out, then back in and out…multiple times… every single day. 

So, is a door just a door?  For some it might be, but at 26 Entries, we really don’t think so.  We believe they play a necessary role in how we live our lives daily. 

Finding the right door is often a difficult process and finding the right partner to help you find the best option for your needs is very much a challenge.  Have you ever noticed there really aren’t any companies that just sell doors?  Doors are the afterthought – often a much more expensive than expected afterthought. We are setting out to change that experience. 

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Just like all cars are not the same simply because they have 4 wheels and can take you down the road, the same can be said for doors. Our goal is to serve as a primary partner you can rely upon for door projects that live in the world best described as “nice, not crazy”. Don’t get us wrong, we can help you with crazy, but that’s not where we thrive. We have designed our services around the homeowner that wants a quality door product that is properly installed in a manner that will last.  

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Our discerning clients also want a one stop shopping experience – meaning one point of contact with a group of people who can remove the old door and install the new door, as well as complete any necessary trim and painting activities.   Please understand there are many door options in the market at many different price points.  Our goal is to help you navigate those options to find the right fit for you.  If your opening needs to be reframed, we can help.  If you need a custom sized door to fit your opening, we can help.  

We know an exceptional entry done right can drastically improve curb appeal while also helping to increase the value of our home — and those things are important.  But what we really want to provide are doors that mirror the characteristics and memorable experiences important to us as we live our lives. 

  • A front door that is solid and secure.
  • A back door that enables an expansive view of the kids playing out back.
  • A sliding door that actually slides!
  • Doors without maintenance and doors that make you feel safe. 

These doors really do serve to support our active lifestyles and they are the literal thresholds at which your house becomes your home.

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Let us help you find and create the perfect entry way that continues to best tell your home and family’s story.

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