Empty Nester Renovation


Chris and Stacy were all set to become empty nesters. Their two sons were grown and approaching college when they just so happened to stumble upon a beautiful piece of property that included a smaller home — the perfect size for their new lifestyle.

The Challenge

While the loved the property and the home was just the right size, its design was outdated — just too many walls in all the wrong places — and simply didn’t suit their needs or taste.

The couple had big ideas for what the space could become. They just needed a partner who could execute their vision.

Enter The Lifestyle Group

Joining our interior designer friends from Everything Home, we took on what became a major construction and renovation project — essentially removing or relocating all of the nearly 50-year-old home’s interior walls for an all-new kitchen, butler’s pantry, dining room, living room, laundry room and two bathrooms.

Working alongside Chris, an engineer by profession, we devised a way to remove walls and reconfigure how the home’s roof load was carried. Steel rods, hidden by decorative wood beams, take the place of typical ceiling joists.

No detail was overlooked. Reclaimed wood for an elegant barn door, mantle and buffet display cabinet countertops perfectly matches the beautiful wooden ceiling beams. Original cabinets were repurposed, painted a brilliant blue and used in the new butler’s pantry. Everything Home’s furniture and finish selections make it feel as if the are living in a show home every day.


“They say the key is to surround yourself with great people. The Lifestyle Group did an incredible job and we couldn’t be any happier. Their guys became part of our family during the project and they were spot-on working through some tough challenges. This home truly became the vision we had in mind for the space and we couldn’t be happier entering this next stage of our life.”


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