The Smallest Full Bathroom


Jennifer has been living in her 1922 Irvington home for 10 years. She loves her home and has worked hard to maintain the unique, traditional characteristics while also making the necessary renovations she needs to meet her lifestyle. The Lifestyle Group previously remodeled the home’s kitchen, and since then, Jennifer has trusted us with making other updates to her forever home including installing built-in shelving and creatively restoring some of the beautiful, original hardwood flooring by pulling some planks from the inside of a closet.

The Problem

While Jennifer loves the personality of her home, her upstairs had an unusual floorplan. The only two bathrooms were on the second floor and were located right next to each other. One of the bathrooms was an oversized powder room, which didn’t give the option to bathe.

The Bigger Problem

Jennifer thought this half bathroom had wasted space that could be better utilized and wanted to insert a tub. She, and several others thought it would be impossible. It wasn’t going to be an easy solution, so Jennifer called the one team she trusted to solve it.

Enter The Lifestyle Group


“It is the perfect use of space! The room is small, but is functional and does not feel crammed in any way. Now, I’m able to use this bathroom and peacefully enjoy the tub.”

Jennifer Martin

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