The Watness Family


The Watness family lives in a lovely home with beautiful views of Morse Reservoir, but their kitchen was a disaster from a functional perspective.

The Problem

Closed off with just a single doorway into the next-door dining room, the kitchen was robbed of a great view of the waterfront. Bulkheads made the ceilings feel extremely low and took up valuable potential storage space, while walkways through all areas of the kitchen were very tight.

The Bigger Problem

The primary walkway into the home from the garage came through the kitchen as well, forcing the kitchen table into a cramped space in order to preserve a narrow path. The kitchen featured an island, but it was skinny and non-functional — as was the U-shaped peninsula which made it difficult for more than one person to be in the space at a time.

Enter The Lifestyle Group

One of the largest changes made was removing the wall between the kitchen and adjacent dining room. This opened up the entire space, pulled the two areas together perfectly and let those in the kitchen gain access to fantastic views of the reservoir.

Another important improvement was relocating the door to the garage out of the kitchen and into a nearby laundry room, allowing for increased pantry storage and more space for the kitchen table area.

The peninsula and small island were removed in favor of a large, versatile island for a design with improved flow and function while maximizing space for walkways around the area.

A small closet was removed, which allowed for cabinets and appliances to be recessed and opened up more space to move around and sit at the kitchen island.

The bulkheads were also removed to add a shelf of storage to wall cabinets and increase the perceived height of the kitchen’s ceilings.

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