Close the door… do you think we live in a barn?


Barn doors have become wildly popular in interior design, and the trend isn’t going anywhere. This unique twist on room partitions adds a visual element to any room while also providing privacy. Adding a barn door is a great way to change the feel of a room, without investing the time and money into a larger remodel.


To make a barn door work in your space, you have to allow for the track to extend beyond the door opening itself on either side of the doorway. You’ll notice that many barn doors sit in the open position and are rarely used to close off a room, which means that most barn doors reside on a wall that is relatively open to allow it to be the focal point of the space.

This does not mean that barn doors are difficult to operate. In reality, they function quite well and operate in a far superior manner to a traditional pocket door. However, the fact that the door’s track is surface mounted to the wall means that there are minimal gaps between the wall and the door, resulting in less privacy and soundproofing in the area where a barn door is put to use.


At The Lifestyle Group, we feel that the design of the barn door is a very personal decision. Some are rustic and reflect the visual of an old barn that has been torn down. We’ve done incredibly special doors created from old barns taken down in Ohio and Indiana, each custom built with its own story to tell. Others are slightly more elegant in appearance, with visual appeal on an open wall and an attractive track system. We have also completed a number of barn door installations where the door itself matches other interior doors in the home.  While the presence of the barn door’s track system provides unique visual interest, this allows for a functional application in cases where a swinging door would interfere, and a pocket door isn’t feasible.

The barn door trend is not going anywhere in the coming years! Between the ever-expanding number of creative applications and the current fondness for an Urban Farmhouse design, these attention-grabbing doors are sure to experience an increase in popularity.

No matter where you are in life, The Lifestyle Group can help with adding a small touch that will make a big difference like a barn door, or we could help with an even bigger project. If you are interested in adding visual interest and on-trend design to your home, get in touch! We are happy to answer your questions and help you find the perfect solution to freshen up your living space.

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