First Impressions Last Forever: Welcome to 26 Entries

At 26 Entries, we believe every door is part of a home’s story, and thus, our stories. Gone are the days of calling up your local handyman and asking, “Can you put in a new front door?”  The openings are larger and the products are more complex.

Front doors have evolved from simple single doors to the statement pieces of our homes — we like to refer to them as the jewelry of the front of the house — and they deserve a significant amount of attention. However, for many people it’s more personal than that. They believe your door is the gateway to your home; the first and last impressions your guests receive when they visit.

Our entries are often the place where magical, memorable events happen.  The first kiss, the last hug goodbye and all the memories in the middle… like popsicles on the front porch, trick or treating neighbors, holiday gatherings, first day of school photos and prom pictures.  The experiences that take place at our front doors are endless.

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And that’s just the front of the home!  We haven’t mentioned the back doors where food is carried in and out from backyard barbeques, birthday parties, pool parties or letting the dog out, then back in and out… multiple times… every single day.  Ever had a door not open and close effectively?  If so, you understand the value of a properly installed, quality door!

So, is a door really just a door?  For some it might be, but at 26 Entries, we really don’t think so.  We believe they play a necessary role in how we live our lives daily.   

As such an important piece of your unique story, your door should never be an afterthought.

Have you ever noticed there aren’t companies focused only on providing doors to the marketplace?  Do your research and you’ll find window companies, exterior siding companies and even gutter companies that say they do doors, but no companies that specialize in doors.  We will say it again – your door should never be an afterthought, but that is exactly how doors are treated.    

We’ve set out to transform the front door shopping experience (and the back door experience as well) by designing our services around the homeowner that wants a high-quality door that is properly installed in a manner that lasts. There are many different door options on the market at many different price points. At 26 Entries, our goal is to help you navigate through your options and find the right fit for your home. While we tend to focus on doors at a midrange price point and higher based on our objective of offering quality products that minimize warranty issues, here are some things we can do for you:

  • Help you understand the options available to fit your existing door opening
  • Guide you on door styles and door materials that best match your unique interest
  • Upon request, we are more than capable of reframing the size of your door opening and completing all renovation activities that allow you a one stop door shopping process
  • Share our experience and expertise regarding the available door materials and color options
  • Provide custom sized door products that will fit your existing opening
  • And so much more

We know an exceptional entry done right can drastically improve curb appeal and help increase the value of your home. While these things are important, we really want to provide doors that reflect your lifestyle and serve as the gateway for the memorable experiences in your lives.   

If you’re considering transforming your home with the addition of a new front door, hiring a professional to properly measure and install your door ensures that it will maintain its desired look and remain secure for years to come.

While many contractors simply install a door and walk away, we enjoy making sure all the small details, like insulation, interior trim, caulking and painting are all taken care of.  Need us to match a stain color or paint color?  No worries!  When 26 Entries completes a door project, there will be nothing left for you to do as a homeowner.  We’ll also help you anticipate the real cost of the project through all-inclusive, upfront pricing that considers everything on your wish list, including any modifications to your exterior trim, siding, brick or stonework that may be created by the door should you feel a little crazy and want to modify the size of the opening.

Contact us today to learn more about the 26 Entries process or to schedule a free consultation. We’d be honored to tell your home’s — and your family’s — story.

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