Front Porch Living: Experience a Bit of Mayberry

A home without a front porch just feels like it’s missing something. Whether it’s due to the home’s original style or an initial effort to control cost, it is never too late to add a new focal point to the front of your house.

A well-designed front porch improves curb appeal, adds value and can even negate the need to replace siding or complete other exterior cosmetic changes.

We’ve all seen plain, unremarkable homes that lack character. Those homes can be completely transformed by the addition of a front porch! In our 21 years of service, some of our most dramatic before and afters involved the simple addition of a front porch – large or small – to the home.

In addition to curb appeal, a front porch provides functional benefits too.

No one wants to stand in the rain waiting for the door to be opened, and your front door can be protected from the elements thanks to the shelter provided by a front porch as well.

There’s also our personal favorite… imagine sitting in a rocking chair, sipping your beverage of choice and watching the world go by from the shady paradise of your new front porch! Granted, the only functional benefit of that is the shade, but experiencing a bit of Mayberry is good for the body, mind and soul.

We encourage our clients to discuss with us the reasons for their front porch project. Do you want a simple covered space for safety and security? Or do you desire a more elaborate project with aesthetics that transform the look and feel of your home? The costs for these two additions are vastly different due to the amount of time and types of materials needed to complete each project.

If you’re learning toward a more decorative addition, two of our personal favorites for porch design are the stained car siding ceiling with fans and lighting and decorative porch posts and railings, which add dimension to the home.

If you’re contemplating the addition of a front porch to your home, think first about the function you want the porch to provide. Then, call our team to help you design a porch that meets your style and needs! After all, changing your view, and slowing down to watch the world go by… isn’t always a bad thing.

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Have you checked out our Remodeling Unscripted community?

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