Give Your Home a Facelift with Custom Entry Doors

When you pull up to the front of any home, whether it be your own home or that of a friend or family member, what do you notice? As remodeling professionals focused on design and aesthetics, the first thing we notice is the front door of the home.

So do our REALTOR® friends.

What is the number one thing to help them sell a home? Curb appeal. Realtors can’t sell a client on a potential home until they get them inside. And what makes a person want to look inside? An attractive exterior that is well kept and visually appealing.

Addressing curb appeal became so prevalent in our remodeling business that we actually started a company, 26 Entries.

26 Entries is focused entirely on installing custom entry doors after years of observing curb appeal and how important the front door is to the home.

Give Your Home a Facelift with Custom Entry Doors

Aside from curb appeal, we also noticed how often clients were calling us to replace existing doors with custom front entry doors. Steel insulated doors can rust and wood doors often deteriorate over the years when exposed to excessive weather and sunlight. We’ve seen doors faded and warped on many occasions. (Pro Tip: Keeping a fresh coat of paint or stain will do wonders to protect your door and extend its life!) 

All this to say, we’ve engaged in and completed many entry door installation projects across Central Indiana to help homeowners renew the visual appeal of their home’s exterior.  A new front door can certainly resurrect positive feelings about your home for years to come.

Why Did We Start a Door Company?

Think about what fireplaces used to mean to us in our homes. There was one type of fireplace box, all the same size, and either you either had or didn’t have a fireplace. Today, there are now countless shapes, sizes and types of fireplaces.

The same situation has evolved with entry doors in Indianapolis. What once was one common approach to a single front door now includes elaborate front porches incorporating double doors, farmhouse style doors, stained doors, painted doors (blue doors seem to be a popular color these days) and more. We have doors full of clear glass to let in a lot of natural light and we have doors with no glass that highlight a preferred paint color to accent the home. The possibilities are endless, and we want homeowners to find a door they love that complements the style and feel of their home.

Transform Your Home

Doors transform the look of your home. Do you have to install custom doors to give your home a facelift? No, you do not. But most exterior doors aren’t a standard, one-size-fits-all type. It is very unlikely you can just pick any door at a store, place it into the existing hole in your home and it will fit.

In fact, we recently installed a custom door in Zionsville where only one manufacturer made what the client was looking for. Working with a front door installation company that understands the options and how doors work is critical.

Material Options

Typically, we install fiberglass front entry door systems because they have an assortment of styles and colors a homeowner can choose from. Outside of fiberglass door options, contemporary custom entry door systems tend to be of interest. They generally possess a lot of glass, and the true imported steel look is attractive to many buyers. Because of the expense associated with these doors, we use our industry knowledge and can cross over to products more modest in price that could give you 80-90% of the sleek look true steel offers without the heavy price tag.

Entry doesn’t just mean front!

And keep in mind that back doors are entry doors, too. And the world of sliding doors and French doors has expanded unbelievably to include bi-parting doors, multi-slide doors and bifold doors to name just a few of the options. As you begin to assess your wishes, wants and desires related to some of these back door options, we are happy to assist.

Ready to Revamp Your Entryway?

If you are thinking about an entry door project of any type, contact us today. Even if we only guide you with ballpark price estimates and answer questions initially, we are happy to help and try to keep you out of a troublesome situation. Entry door projects are a significant investment in your home and often have long lead times for ordering, so they fall under the heading of “measure twice and order correctly the first time”! It is also critical that you have an outstanding partner performing the door installation. There is nothing worse than a poor installation of an expensive door system.

We proudly serve various neighborhoods in Indianapolis, including Avalon Hills, Broad Ripple, Carmel, Downtown Indy, Fishers, Franklin Township, Geist, Irvington, Meridian Kessler, Westfield, and Zionsville. No matter where you are, we’re here to make your dream entryway a reality.

Contact 26 Entries by the Lifestyle Group today and let’s get started on your journey to a more beautiful and inviting home!

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