Indoors? Outdoors? Enjoy Both in One Eze-Breeze Space

We’ve been spending more time inside our homes lately, going just a little stir crazy and craving a change of scenery. As spring blossoms, families across Central Indiana will want to take full advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

But what do you do when a sudden spring storm leaves your outdoor living space unusable?  And, let’s be honest… you still have to clean the screened porch and put the furniture back in place after storing it for the winter. So, how can you keep your porch living space clean and enjoy it year-round? How do you create the perfect blend of outdoor enjoyment and indoor comfort? What product allows you to keep your patio furniture in place and protects it from the elements?

The Lifestyle Group has the answer: Eze-Breeze.

Eze Breeze Room

What is it?

Eze-Breeze is an innovative, lightweight system of windows and doors that have been produced for over 40 years. Eze-Breeze brings the great outdoors inside, expanding the use of your existing screened porch or covered patio to “almost” year-round use.

The Lifestyle Group has been a certified Eze-Breeze retailer and installer for more than 20 years. Hoosier families across Central Indiana trust us to enhance the appearance and functionality of their indoor/outdoor living spaces. In fact, if you’ve ever visited a friend or neighbor’s home with an Eze-Breeze room, chances are you didn’t even realize they weren’t traditional windows!

Eze-Breeze panels can be tailored to meet your home’s unique style and character because they are custom ordered to fit the specific sizes of your current screened porch openings. The durable aluminum frames come in five colors and contain standard screens (just like your existing screened porch), but with a surprisingly durable vinyl glazing that takes the place of glass while mimicking its clear, see-through appearance at a fraction of the cost of a traditional glass window.

Fishers Eze Breeze Porch Conversion

How do they work?

In any space, Eze-Breeze panels can be made much larger than traditional windows, thus giving you a wide-open, crystal-clear view of your home’s outdoor surroundings while keeping you comfortable and protected from the elements. Anytime you want to enjoy the breeze and breathe in some crisp, fresh air, your windows are easily opened to 75% ventilation with just the push of a finger (a traditional window can only open 50%.) Eze-Breeze panels can be designed and installed to slide open vertically or horizontally, giving you flexibility to control the airflow in your space.

Whether it’s part of a new addition to your home or repurposing a previously underutilized screened porch space, you’re going to love the “almost” year-long functionality of an Eze-Breeze room.  Keep the windows closed amid extreme winter temperatures to enhance your home’s comfort, while keeping out the wind, rain, snow, dirt and bugs. Take advantage of your windows’ versatility and open them on the beautiful days throughout the spring, summer and fall. Your Eze-Breese is sure to become your favorite new outdoor living space!

We have no doubt you will be pleasantly surprised at how much time you’ll spend utilizing your new Eze-Breeze three season space. For over 20 years, we’ve heard from countless happy homeowners who’ve made the switch and wish they had done so sooner.

To learn more about this innovative and versatile window system, email us or give us a call today! We can set up an easy and convenient “FaceTime to Save Time” virtual consultation so you can show us where you’re considering adding an Eze-Breeze. We’ll set up a time to gather measurements and quickly provide pricing for your great new outdoor living space.

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