Kitchen Remodel: Video Series

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In the first episode of our kitchen remodeling video diary, The Lifestyle Group CEO Geoff Horen introduces the project’s scope and intentions and highlights how our craftsmen keep dust, debris and any mess from demolition and construction out of the rest of the home!

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Drywall, electrical wiring and other behind-the-scenes facets aren’t the flashiest of features and most likely won’t be the first things anyone notices when they marvel at your remodeled space.

But, as Geoff explains in episode 2 of our kitchen remodel series, taking time for a solid foundation at this stage lays good groundwork for the high-quality enhancements that will soon be taking form.

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With flooring and cabinet shells in place, we can start fine-tuning cabinetry trim and the small details that will make a big difference. Measurements are tracked down to a fraction of an inch during the laser templating process that will result is custom-cut quartz for beautiful new countertops.

And as Geoff explains, throughout your project we’re always focused on keeping your home clean — just like you’d treat your grandparents’ house!

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The countertops have been custom cut for the kitchen, and the backsplash is being installed for our kitchen renovation. The tiniest of details are never left out of our projects, and this remodel is very close to completion.

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It’s a before and after you have to see to believe. At The Lifestyle Group, we focus on the little details that make a big difference in the outcome of our projects. In the final episode of the series, Geoff explains the work that went into this project including the finishing touches that complete this kitchen.

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