“I am in disbelief and still tell myself that ‘this is MY kitchen!’ It’s like I’m in a dream… I’ve never had anything this nice in my life. I don’t think I could have had nicer people in my home. I’ve lived here for 50 years, this home means so much to me.”

The transformation of Sandra Hunter’s kitchen still takes her breath away.  After decades of small do-it-herself projects, she decided to remodel the heart of her home to create a more functional space and a warm atmosphere to cook and bake.

Sandra’s 59-year-old home, not only needed a cosmetic facelift, but practical updates too.  The small updates she could do on her own were just too much, so finding a reliable trustworthy company was important to her.  A few of her neighbors experienced plumbing issues, so she decided to have the home’s pipes replaced along with the new kitchen. “If I had a concern, Geoff with The Lifestyle Group listened. He wants to make sure people are happy, and you can tell he means it,” Sandra said.

With the remodeling plans in place, the entire remodel and additional construction was booked for eight weeks of work, but was completed in just six and a half weeks allowing Sandra to start making new memories in her redesigned kitchen. “The new layout allowed for more space I didn’t have previously. It has been great because I use every part of it! If you enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen, you know how important and amazing it is to have a great space,” Sandra said.

Each day Sandra is making new memories in her kitchen. The expertise of The Lifestyle Group helped bring new life to the area of her home where she enjoys spending time. “The project may have been a little pricey, but you are getting high quality materials and a truly quality experience.”


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