Master Bathroom Remodel Dos and Don’ts

Undertaking a master bathroom remodel is both stressful and exhilarating. However, when done right, this tricky endeavor can pay off enormously. According to HomeAdvisor, master bathroom remodels cost between $10,000 to $25,000 and can even run much, much higher, especially for high-end bathroom remodeling projects. While this is a status symbol that can add value and substantial personal touch to your home, it’s a sizable investment – one you cannot afford to make a mistake.

If you’re ready to embark on a master bathroom remodel but need help figuring out how to get it right, we’re here to help. As you begin your master bathroom remodel plans, here’s a look at some dos and don’ts when it comes to your bathroom remodel.


Find bathroom design ideas and inspiration first.

Your renovation is an investment, Take the time to plan and map out your remodel to avoid costly mistakes. It would be best to have a firm idea or a clear picture of how you want your bathroom to look before you get started on the physical aspects of the bathroom renovation project.

Research the web for inspirations or check out our bathroom remodeling gallery if you’re unsure where to start. Keep in mind that you don’t have to limit yourself to a particular type of bedroom design. Check different bathroom styles and choose various elements (while keeping your budget in mind) until you arrive at the look you love.

Choose the right surfaces.

Bathrooms are excellent breeding grounds for mold and mildew. That’s enough reason to choose surfaces that can handle plenty of moisture while contributing to the overall aesthetic. When it comes to sinks, walls, and flooring, porcelain tile and materials are favorites among bathroom designers. That is because it is durable and resistant to water, micro-organisms, odors, and staining.

Pro tip: choose large tiles to make upkeep easier and minimize grout lines.

Add high-end lighting.

Adding high-end lighting to your bathroom through LED lighting will not only add a beautiful design element to your bathroom but also increase your energy efficiency. Besides energy efficiency, you can use them safely near water, program them to change colors, or use them as task lights. You also use them innovatively to light shelves or counters, backlight your wall mirrors, create a color wash effect on your walls, and add color to the water in a sink or tub.

Keep it well ventilated.

Is mold and mildew growth or moving odor one of the reasons you need a new bathroom? If yes, then poor ventilation could be the culprit. Local building codes require a window, vent, or bathroom fan that requires outside ventilation.


Cut corners on key items.

We understand you want to save money. However, you should avoid the common mistake of cheaping out on products that get the most use and buy quality materials. Don’t forget that you’re investing in a new space, and you want it to be efficient and durable.

Forget to add storage.

Bathroom storage is an essential feature of a master bathroom remodel that is appreciated but doesn’t get much attention. Whether you want to store first-aid items, linens, extra toiletries, and other bathroom essentials, having bathroom storage on hand when needed is incredibly beneficial.

Include an organization unit that contributes to your overall aesthetic. If possible, consider bumping out a wall to add built-in shelving and an extra storage closet. This will give your bathroom an elegant and polished quality that is well worth the expense and effort.

Cheap out on skilled labor.

Sure, the DIY approach can save you money, but it’s best to focus this approach on the uncomplicated and straightforward aspects of the project. Complicated tasks and installations are best left to the professionals. Ensure that the professionals working on your project are experienced and highly skilled. This helps get the job done right the first time and avoids wasting time, money, and resources.

Forget to consider your budget.

Even though you have many ideas in mind and several design elements you’d love to incorporate in your master bathroom, you should always consider your project cost and how much you’re willing to spend. Be realistic about your budget. Although this is not always a pleasing task to tackle, your budget will give you the idea of the most feasible renovation project to undertake and help in your planning and hiring processes.

If you’re looking for a professional home remodeling contractor in Indianapolis for your custom and affordable master bathroom remodel needs, The Lifestyle Group has you covered. Specializing in bathroom renovation, our talented and experienced experts will work within your needs, schedule, budget, and goals to renovate or create a master bathroom that suits your lifestyle and matches your vision. Schedule a handy “FaceTime to save time” virtual consultation or stop by The Lifestyle Group’s Southeastern Avenue showroom to meet with one of our designers and get started on your master bathroom remodel today!

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