Nine Trends for Tremendous Master Bathroom Remodels

Your master bathroom is likely the most personal space in your home. It’s an area just for you… OK, maybe the kids on occasion as well, but mostly for you!

Not only is it the area of your home where you start your day, it’s often the place you end your long days as well. We like to think of it as your oasis where you unwind in your freestanding tub, soak in your new shower and refill your tank.

For these reasons, your master bathroom should definitely be a space where you enjoy spending time!

The following are some of our favorite timeless trends we’re seeing homeowners want incorporated into their remodeled master bathrooms — with all photos coming from actual The Lifestyle Group projects across Greater Indianapolis.

Monochromatic Minimalism

Confused by a previous owner’s color pallet choices or clashing design aesthetics? The simplicity of black, white and even a smattering of gray can’t be overstated. It’s always clean and timeless, but also as sleek and minimalistic. Quite simply, it works.

Bold Accents

You know what else works? Bold but tasteful swaths of sensational color that pop from a wall, cabinetry, shelving or other accent pieces throughout the space. A light sky blue can infuse a calming feeling into the room, while a darker green or even bare black can add a cooling, soothing effect.

Countertop Masterpieces

Custom-cut marble slabs are indeed stunning, but there are many beautiful quartz and granite options that require less maintenance and serve as an anchoring statement centerpiece in your space.

There are also several affordable options to fit your budget that replicate the look of and feel of magnificent marble.

Sculptural Sinks

Remember to wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds!

There’s just something eye-grabbing and enjoyable about a fun and innovative sculpted sink. From simple bowls to more intricate shapes and designs, you’ll enjoy keeping clean with help from these unique and elegant sinks.

Fantastic Freestanding Tubs

These aren’t your grandma’s bathtubs.

With one of these modern masterpieces made for lounging, you may never want to get out. Grab your favorite bath bomb and unwind a bit.

Spacious Showers

Eager for multiple shower heads or a rain head that gives the sensation of falling rainwater? Looking for a personal handheld on a slide bar for the ultimate in soothing shower enhancements?

Whatever you want to transform your shower experience, The Lifestyle Group can design and create luxurious solutions in any-sized space.

Wet Room Wonders

Standalone tub or large walk-in shower? How about the best of both worlds?

Comprehensive wet rooms are the latest innovation for all your master bathroom’s bathing needs. Experience it for yourself and you’ll begin to wonder why nobody thought of this sooner!

Heavenly Heated Flooring

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of the shower and experiencing shivers from the cold marble or tile flooring. Or if you are a “glass is half full” person, there’s nothing more enjoyable than stepping out of the shower onto a warm tile floor. Just program your heated floor system to begin warming up before you wake up so it’s ready as you enter in the morning.

Wonderful Wood

Out with the tacky ’70s paneling; in with the rich, elegant and natural designs that pair wonderfully with any surrounding fixtures, hardware or paint colors.

See something you like or design elements you want to work into your next project?

Stop by The Lifestyle Group’s Southeastern Avenue showroom, talk to one of our designers or schedule a handy “FaceTime to save time” virtual consultation to get started on your master bathroom remodel today!

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