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Introducing the Do You P.L.A.N.? Podcast, hosted by Geoff Horen, owner of The Lifestyle Group. To us, P.L.A.N. is more than a word. It’s what we live by and a promise we make to every one of our clients:

Listen to Episode 1 on our site or Apple Podcasts to learn all about our process of home renovation, remodeling and renewing, and apply our professional tips to your own home projects.

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Geoff Horen

Owner, The lifestyle group

Over the last 20 years, we’ve served over 1,400 families and completed over 2,500 projects. But to Geoff, the company’s success is determined by one measure: the number of clients who trust The Lifestyle Group enough to recommend us to friends and family or invite us back into their homes for subsequent projects time and time again.

In our time, we’ve learned that every home remodel, renovation and renewal is  unique to the client, their home and their lifestyle.

We want to help you choose what’s right for you and your home. We know it can be a difficult decision. Let us walk you through it with our comprehensive P.L.A.N. packet.

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