Episode 52: Everything You Need To Know About Dumpster Rental

In the spirit of being the most helpful home remodeling related entity on the planet, this week we tackle the underappreciated topic of renting a dumpster! How do I choose what dumpster to rent? Will it destroy my driveway? Is there a difference between rental companies? How long can I keep my rented dumpster? Where […]

Episode 51: Refresh Your Home For Spring

Spring Into Home Improvement: Tips For Freshening Up Your Home For The Season

Spring Into Home Improvement: Tips For Freshening Up Your Home For The Season As the vibrant colors of spring start to bloom, it’s the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your home. Everyone has projects they are considering, but which projects do we find to be the most common and the most beneficial to your […]

Episode 50 : Why Do We Do a Podcast?

50 Episodes

Celebrating Episode 50 Of Our Podcast Seems odd to read a newsletter referencing a podcast, right? Well, this is a special occasion as this edition of the Remodeling Unscripted newsletter coincides with the 50th episode of our podcast! It’s been an interesting journey, filled with insightful conversations and valuable learning, but as we reflect on […]

Episode 49 : Why Do We Do Both Large And Small Projects?

Why Do We Do Both Large And Small Projects

Exploring Our Versatility: Capable & Willing To Handle Both Big & Small Projects Hi everyone and welcome to another week in the “Why Do We Do Something” series. This week we’re going to address why The Lifestyle Group does both large projects and small projects for clients. Stated differently, why don’t we focus on a […]

Episode 48: The Remodeling Selection Showroom – Our Differentiator

The Remodeling Selection Showroom

Exploring Our Showroom: A One-Stop Shop Experience In this edition of our newsletter, we’re diving into one of the key elements of The Lifestyle Group Remodeling Experience: discussing the value of our Indianapolis remodeling showroom to clients. We believe it’s essential to offer our clients a comprehensive and convenient experience when it comes to remodeling […]

Episode 47: The Initial Phone Call – Our Meet & Greet

Why Do We Start With A Phone Call

This week, we begin a new series entitled “Why do we…?” With over 25 years of experience now officially under our belt, we’ve honed a set of processes and methodologies that shape how we interact with our clients and run our business. Today, we kick off this series by addressing a fundamental question: Why do […]

Episode 46: Renovating A Newly Purchased Existing Home

Renovating A Newly Purchased Existing Home

In recent newsletters, we’ve explored the various phases of homeownership, from contemplating remodeling projects right after a new home build to considering how much remodeling to do while prepping your current home for sale. Now, let’s focus on an often-overlooked stage: renovating an existing home right after you purchase it. Navigating the Transition To Your […]

Episode 45: Make Sure You Don’t Overspend Before Selling Your Home

Welcome back to another episode of our weekly newsletter! Last week, we reviewed the crucial considerations for those building a new home. This week, we shift gears and focus on a different aspect— what projects should you consider when preparing to sell your existing home? In today’s real estate market, it’s common for realtors to […]

Episode 44: Making Smart Decisions When Building Your New Home

This week’s topic might seem counterintuitive at first – why would a remodeler discuss decisions for those of you in the process of building a new home? Well, I recently had a conversation with a friend going through the new home building process, and it got me thinking about the decisions homeowners make during their […]

Have you checked out our Remodeling Unscripted community?

Remodeling Unscripted Podcast

Have you checked out our Remodeling Unscripted community?

Remodeling Unscripted Podcast

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