Apr 19, 2024
Episode: 50

Why Do We Do a Podcast?

Ever considered what goes on behind the scenes of a remodel? In this episode of Remodeling Unscripted, I reveal my deeper reasons behind this podcast. Get insider tips on the remodeling process, insights to speed up your project, and lessons learned from 25+ years in the business. Join me as we celebrate 50 episodes of valuable, unscripted remodeling advice!

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Celebrating Episode 50 Of Our Podcast

Seems odd to read a newsletter referencing a podcast, right? Well, this is a special occasion as this edition of the Remodeling Unscripted newsletter coincides with the 50th episode of our podcast! It’s been an interesting journey, filled with insightful conversations and valuable learning, but as we reflect on this milestone, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on why we do the podcast and how it relates to this newsletter.

Why Remodeling Unscripted?

Our podcast journey began a few years ago with an experiment… release one podcast episode a month to help homeowners looking for information as they consider their home remodeling projects. We began with interviews of experts in areas of the remodeling world. Whether it was an hour conversation about windows and doors or a two hour conversation about fireplaces and shower glass systems, we wanted to help you peek behind the curtain and speed your learning curve to learn about the things we think about when looking at doing these projects in your homes. It’s never just been about creating content for the sake of content; it’s about sharing valuable knowledge that can positively impact your remodeling endeavors.

However, as time went on, we soon realized that we wanted to do a little more. Once a month was great, but that meant only hitting 12 topics a year. What if we were to offer quick hit weekly content with podcast episodes lasting around 10 minutes to address more of the daily experiences we see while engaging with clients throughout the year. How many times have we been asked how people finance remodeling projects? Let’s do a podcast on that. What are the considerations when you think about the different types of doors and windows? Let’s split that into 2 different podcasts and discuss how we think about these things.

But The Podcast Wasn’t Enough... And Maybe Not Just For Clients

We wanted to meet people where they are – and that meant providing the content in ways they wanted to take it in. Thus, the newsletter was born about 7 months ago to let people read about the topic of the week. Then, in the last month we have incorporated video each week and if you’re lucky, you will catch a glimpse of Romey (the dog mascot of this endeavor) in the background sleeping through a quick episode. The videos are included in the email and links are posted to Youtube. (Be sure to subscribe and follow!). Our goal is simple… we want to bridge the gap between what really happens day to day in the remodeling world with what people might think happens. And, we want to keep everyone out of trouble, thus avoiding the dreaded nightmare remodeling experience.

Who is everyone? While our initial focus was speaking to homeowners, we learned that other remodelers and newer entrants to the industry were trying to find good sources of information to speed their own learning curves. So, we have created a diverse following of people interested in quick, digestible insights that could address common remodeling challenges and provide practical solutions.

A New Look

This week, we introduce a new look to what we are doing. We want to make this a quick, easy process for you to navigate each week and we understand you won’t be interested in the topic every week. So, the visual is clean and simple. If you want to listen, click PLAY on the sound bar and listen right away. If you want to watch, click the video link and see what Romey is up to! If you want to read… well, you already know because you are doing that now!

Our Commitment to You

With each episode, our goal remains constant: to be a trusted source of information within the residential remodeling world. Whether you’re a homeowner about to embark on your first ever project, a newcomer to the remodeling industry or a seasoned veteran having experienced many prior remodels, our aim is to equip you with the knowledge and insights that help you best navigate the complexities of remodeling with greater confidence.

As the “Remodeling Unscripted” name suggests, we aren’t scripting these efforts, but rather allowing the conversations to flow naturally, unscripted, and authentic. It’s about sharing our experiences and speeding your learning curve on topics that interest you.

Get Involved

Have a burning remodeling question or a topic you’d love for us to explore? We’re all ears! Your input shapes the direction of our conversations, so don’t hesitate to reach out with your suggestions or inquiries. We’re here to serve you and make your remodeling journey as smooth as possible.

Thank you for being part of the Remodeling Unscripted community. Here’s to many more episodes, insights, and shared experiences!

Wishing you a fantastic week ahead.

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Have you checked out our Remodeling Unscripted community?

Remodeling Unscripted Podcast

Have you checked out our Remodeling Unscripted community?

Remodeling Unscripted Podcast

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