May 28, 2024
Episode: 53

Luxury Unveiled - The Design & Build Journey of a Brownstone Masterpiece

Dive into the meticulous transformation of a 4-story brownstone! This podcast unveils the designer’s vision for exquisite detail, along with the contractor’s journey to bring it to life. Learn how they tackle challenges, collaborate seamlessly, and create a breathtaking masterpiece.

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Midtown Carmel Project Feature Part 1

In the spirit of being the most helpful home remodeling related entity on the planet, this week we begin a new series where we review a recently completed project that you will not want to miss! It is the most ornate, detailed project we have ever completed, and the visuals are stunning (so check out the video link above). In this series, aside from the phenomenal visuals, we answer critical questions. How do you begin to lay out ornate trim details? How do you account for furniture placement? How do you keep the pattern consistent? What do you do when electrical is in the way? So many questions… and here are some answers as we seek to demystify detailed trim design.

Whether you’re planning a major project with elegant trim throughout an entire home or just creating a feature wall for your enjoyment, there are more than a few things to consider. Allow us to help you understand the things to consider.

Furniture Placement

Let’s begin with furniture placement. If you are about to create an elaborate trim pattern on a wall and you plan to place a piece of furniture on that wall, be sure to create balance and intentionally design your trim pattern to work with the piece of furniture as opposed to making the furniture placement look like an afterthought.

Electrical Considerations

Doesn’t it seem like switches and outlets always fall in exactly the wrong location… I mean exactly where the trim is supposed to land? If you are doing it correctly, you will draw the trim placement on the wall prior to installing it and this unwanted surprise will be found early enough in the process to pivot as needed. In many of our cases where the trim pattern takes precedence, we can often expect to move an outlet or move a switch to maneuver around our highlighted trim package.

Choosing the Pattern Or Design

In the case of the project we are highlighting this week, we had the great fortune of implementing a design created by Tiffany Skilling Interiors. Her team is tremendous, and the level of detail is outstanding. Think about the look and feel you want from the space upon completion. There are so many designs available to take you in one direction or another. From traditional to urban farmhouse… even to a darker paint color to create a cool moody, speakeasy vibe… the options are endless. Don’t hesitate to scour social media to look for ideas that excite you.

Best Laid Plans

At The Lifestyle Group, we are trim surgeons… not kidding. We employ absolute master craftsmen who care about what they do. If you don’t believe me – again – make sure to check this week’s video and look at the level of detail. Even our carpentry experts have to shift on the fly and improvise throughout a project. Yes, they have to cut pieces of trim more than once on occasion to get an angle right. Don’t feel bad if you must do this, too. Better yet, save yourself the frustration and call a professional to take care of it for you when the scope of work exceeds your skill level.

Remember, well-chosen trim detail can become a feature of your space. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. We are here to help.

Happy wainscoting!

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