Episode 46: Renovating A Newly Purchased Existing Home

Renovating A Newly Purchased Existing Home

In recent newsletters, we’ve explored the various phases of homeownership, from contemplating remodeling projects right after a new home build to considering how much remodeling to do while prepping your current home for sale. Now, let’s focus on an often-overlooked stage: renovating an existing home right after you purchase it. Navigating the Transition To Your […]

Episode 45: Make Sure You Don’t Overspend Before Selling Your Home

Welcome back to another episode of our weekly newsletter! Last week, we reviewed the crucial considerations for those building a new home. This week, we shift gears and focus on a different aspect— what projects should you consider when preparing to sell your existing home? In today’s real estate market, it’s common for realtors to […]

Episode 44: Making Smart Decisions When Building Your New Home

This week’s topic might seem counterintuitive at first – why would a remodeler discuss decisions for those of you in the process of building a new home? Well, I recently had a conversation with a friend going through the new home building process, and it got me thinking about the decisions homeowners make during their […]

Episode 43: Navigating Change Orders In Your Remodeling Project

This week, we’re diving into the often-misunderstood realm of change orders in remodeling projects. There’s a common misconception, fueled by home improvement shows, that every project hits a major surprise in the middle that costs a fortune. While surprises can happen, we’ve found that more often than not, it’s client-driven changes that impact the project’s […]

Episode 42: Balancing Form & Function In Your Remodeling Project

Which is more important… form or function… as the key consideration in any design or home remodeling project? It’s an intriguing question we consider this week as we explore the delicate balance between visual aesthetics and practical functionality. Defining Form and Function Let’s start with the basics. When we talk about “form,” we’re referring to […]

Episode 41: Exploring Window Options As A Homeowner

This week, we delve into the world of windows, discussing various considerations and options for homeowners looking to replace or upgrade their windows. There are so many details to consider and, as always, your unique situation as a homeowner impacts the decisions you make for your home. It’s such a detailed project category that we […]

Episode 40: Embracing Mistakes: A Path to Trust & Lifelong Partnerships

Embracing Mistakes: A Path to Trust & Lifelong Partnerships If you ask my wife or my employees, they will attest to the number of mistakes that I make. We’re all human, and errors are inevitable. Sure, mistakes can lead to delays and financial setbacks, but they also offer an opportunity for growth and opportunity if […]

Episode 39: Where Have All the People Businesses Gone?

This week, we delved into a topic that’s been on my mind both personally and professionally — “Where Have All the People Businesses Gone?” We’re living in a world where technology is rapidly taking over, impacting the way we communicate, impacting our interaction with businesses, and even affecting the way we order food at some […]

Episode 38: What Makes A Good Client?

A recent client asked me a unique question: What makes for a good client in the world of remodeling? The unexpected inquiry caught me completely off guard and made me think. After a few moments of thoughtful reflection, I came up with an answer for that client and thought it might be of value to […]

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Have you checked out our Remodeling Unscripted community?

Remodeling Unscripted Podcast

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