Geoff Remodeling Unscripted
Remodeling Unscripted

Real Remodels. Real Challenges. Real Talk.

Buckle up, subscribe, and come along for the ride! Geoff Horen, the esteemed home renovation expert, has been transforming spaces for over 20 years. In this podcast, he offers unfiltered insights into the world of home remodeling, bridging the gap between expectations and reality.

In each week’s quick, 10-15 minute episode, Geoff brings real talk, as he shares his day-to-day experiences, industry secrets and best practices for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts like you. Raw. Unfiltered. Unscripted.

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I listened to Geoff’s podcast with Heather and King this morning, and it was FANTASTIC! First, everyone was engaged, stimulating and stimulated. Lani, your dad asked terrific questions and is a fantastic host, facilitator, engager of others. He has a talent. Heather, you were you – charismatic and informative, obviously. It was clear you were having fun (as were Geoff and King). This is probably as good of a 90-minute depiction of what we do as anything I’ve ever seen. The more people who see this, the better. I was anticipating background noise and was instead, glued to the discussion.
Robert Wilson

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