THE DEMOLITION PHASE: Properly Tearing Up A Space Actually BUILDS Trust

THE DEMOLITION PHASE Properly Tearing Up A Space Actually BUILDS Trust

This week, we delve into a crucial aspect of remodeling that often sets the tone for the entire project—the demolition phase. While many clients view demolition as the exciting, but “messy” prelude to the transformation of their space, we on the remodeling company side see it as an opportunity to establish a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.

There are 4 key elements of the demolition phase that can set a remodeling company apart and play a role in creating a lifelong relationship if they do it right.

1. Using the Right People To Complete The Demolition - Building Trust from Day One

The first day of demolition marks the beginning of our “real” relationship with the client as the actual work is beginning and lives are officially affected in the home. We prioritize creating a positive first impression by personally handling much of the demolition work within our staff. This not only allows us to understand the structure we will be dealing with as we take things apart, but it also allows our key people to establish a connection with the client, fostering trust from the outset. Great people are everything and the best tool in any remodeling project! On the client side, it is wise to pay to have good people in your home doing great work.

2. Caring for Your Space = Dust Protection

We go above and beyond to protect the client’s home and possessions outside the project area. Utilizing visqueen barriers and covering floors, we demonstrate our commitment to their space. Make no mistake, a thin layer of dust is certain to find its way to places we couldn’t imagine, but our goal is to leave no doubt in the client’s mind that we care about their property as much as they do. These efforts build trust!

3. Strategic Planning for a Seamless Start

We carefully plan the ideal start to a project, creating a sequence of events that attempts to ensure our demolition work is immediately followed by framing, plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling. This streamlined approach not only enhances project progress but shows the client in the very early stages that we place a high focus on getting them back into their newly renovated space. Make no mistake – a slow start can create unnecessary frustration and reduces trust quickly.

4. Clean Up, Clean Up… Everybody Clean Up

At the heart of our approach beginning right away in the demolition phase is our commitment to a clean job site. We emphasize the importance of thorough cleanup at the end of each day… EVERY SINGLE DAY… leaving the client’s home in a state that reflects our respect for their space. Again, this practice continues throughout the project, reinforcing the idea that we genuinely care about their home. There is no more important thing that we do during a project than daily clean up. Most people think that our product is the actual completed kitchen or completed bathroom, but our true product is “our process” and daily clean-up is a key element to the product we provide.

Personal Connection Matters

The impression created by the team during the early stages of demolition will most certainly influence a client’s attitude for the rest of the project – to the good or to the bad. Making a positive, lasting connection with clients in the initial days can create a relationship that lasts years and years.

If you think this might not be true, just go ahead and get some low paid folks who don’t care to go in and tear out a space and see what you are left with. We can predict the place will be left a mess and little to no dust protection or floor covering will be used. There is likely to be nails and nonsense left lying around… maybe even some debris in the driveway to drive over. You might or might not be able to talk to the folks doing the demo, but whether you want to will be a different story. These early experiences make a lasting impression, and both the client and remodeling partner should have clear expectations of what to expect during demolition when discussing the early stages of your next remodeling project.

Isn’t It Ironic?

There is irony in the idea that by tearing things down during the demolition phase you can actually be BUILDING relationships and trust. By focusing on client interaction, careful planning, and maintaining a clean and respectful workspace, demolition becomes the first step toward a successful and satisfying remodeling experience.

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