What Does A Good Client Look Like?

What Does A Good Client Look Like

A recent client asked me a unique question: What makes for a good client in the world of remodeling? The unexpected inquiry caught me completely off guard and made me think. After a few moments of thoughtful reflection, I came up with an answer for that client and thought it might be of value to share the insights with you.

At their core, good clients transcend the specifics of any remodeling project; they are nice, reasonable, and good people. To dive a bit deeper, I’ll break down the characteristics of a good client across the different stages of the remodeling process.

Discovery and Qualification:

A good client in the early stages is someone who can share their project vision in a conversation. While they don’t need all the answers at this early stage, the ability to express what they’re thinking about doing and why they want to do it goes a long way to giving us an understanding of the objectives of the project. Yes, it can be as simple as saying, “I have waited 20 years for my dream kitchen and my kids are finally off the payroll so now I am going to get it!”

Design and Selection Process:

Moving into the design and selection phase, a good client is one who can confidently say “yes” or “no” to design options. Clients don’t need to know all the product options and we know the process is overwhelming for many, but the ability to have an opinion is important. We say that “yes” and “no” answers are equally helpful. Both responses provide guidance for the remodeling team there to support you. Honest opinions foster a collaborative and productive environment.

During the Project:

Communication is key during the project phase. A good client openly shares concerns and preferences right away, so problems don’t fester. Every client has a “hot button,” a particular concern that matters most to them. Knowing these hot buttons allows the remodeling team to address issues proactively, ensuring a smoother process.

Also, approaching problems with a positive attitude is equally important. A client who communicates issues with kindness allows for the remodeling partner to solve the problem and earn the trust you placed in them when you selected them as a partner. Please remember that everyone is human, and errors can be made. This differentiation is reflected in how the remodeling partner resolves the issue. A good client will give a bit of grace and allow the partner to show you why you were right in choosing them.

Post-Project Relationship:

First, the obvious, light-hearted answer. A good client is one who uses the remodeling partner again in the future for another project. Those future projects are earned over time, and those are our favorite clients! You may not have another large project need for many years, if at all. Thus, the real answer is that a good client after the project is one who sees the remodeling team as a trusted resource. Maintaining long-term relationships is a priority, and we encourage clients to reach out for anything, big or small. Whether it’s another project or a recommendation for a service we don’t provide, we’re here to help. We want you to be comfortable leaning on us to look out for your best interests.

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