What is a Three-Season Room and What are its Benefits?

Have you ever wished you could enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors without dealing with pesky bugs or chilly winds? Maybe you’d just like to sit in your room under a blanket reading a book on a gloomy day and watch the rain fall… without getting wet like you might in a covered porch or screen porch?  Are you thinking you would you like to expand your living space, but you don’t want to add another year-round room to your home?  If the idea of a room that brings the outdoors in seems appealing, then keep reading because a three-season room might just be the perfect solution for you!

In our experience, a three-season room can be a fantastic enclosed living space that comes with large views, yet a smaller price tag because it allows for a more simplistic construction. Not easy to build, just a bit less complex!  Built like a screen porch minus the screen so our special EzeBreeze sliding panel window product can be installed, this space is specifically designed to be used for three seasons out of the year. 

Ezebreeze three season room

We tend to call them 10-month rooms where use is usually excluded during the winter months.  They become the perfect indoor-outdoor living space that allows you to enjoy the gentle spring breezes, so you can relax in comfort without the bugs!

Adding a three-season room to your home comes with several benefits that potentially make it a worthwhile investment. These benefits include:

  • Additional living space that can serve as a flex space of an overflow when you entertain guests
  • The ability to enjoy the outdoors
  • A more cost-effective solution than a full climate-controlled room addition that requires insulation and drywall
  • The ability to add air conditioning and heating is an upgrade feature many choose
  • Three season rooms can add versatility in our outdoor living by expanding your patio space


The cost of constructing a three-season room varies depending on the size and materials used. We typically construct our three-season spaces using a treated floor structure, cedar posts and trim and a typical roof system.  The type of ceiling you install and the flooring you choose will depend on your budget and personal preferences. Upgraded ceilings often migrate to the tongue-in-groove car sididng on the ceiling that can be stained or painted, while the floor is most commonly a porcelain tile.  When designing your three-season room, make sure you work with a reputable contractor to discuss the roof tie in, as well as the square footage of the space before you get too far down the road in planning your room addition project!  Side Note:  The roof design is important so you don’t create issues related to water drainage as a result of an improper tie in.  When you partner with The Lifestyle Group on a three-season room project, we will work closely with you to ensure the design is proper and the space maximizes functionality for your specific use.  Just be sure to work with an expert home remodeler that does the right thing.

If this blog generates any other questions for you, feel free to contact us!  We are happy to help, especially if it means saving you from a bad experience. If you’re ready to create a three-seasons room and want to work with a contractor who will help you every step of the way, consider The Lifestyle Group as a partner for your next project. We’d love to talk through your wish list and build you a functional space that exceeds your expectations!

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