Where Have All the People Businesses Gone?

People Businesses

This week, we delved into a topic that’s been on my mind both personally and professionally — “Where Have All the People Businesses Gone?” We’re living in a world where technology is rapidly taking over, impacting the way we communicate, impacting our interaction with businesses, and even affecting the way we order food at some restaurants. So, what does that mean to our remodeling industry, both as clients and service providers?

The Rise of Automated Interactions = A Decline In Human Interaction

In today’s society, it seems everyone has their heads down, engrossed in their phones. The prevalence of automated services, from fast-food kiosks to drive-through apps, is transforming the way we conduct everyday transactions.

The convenience is undeniable, but what about the human touch?

With the surge in AI and automation, genuine human interaction is becoming a rarity. Anyone seeking assistance to a problem through an automated maze of  “press 1 for this and press 2 for that” understands the shift towards technology often leaves us longing for the simplicity of personal connections. I long for the days where I had a person take my order in the lobby at Taco Bell or when I could hit the McDonalds drive through without asking if I will be using the “app” to order.

The Impact on the "Boring Businesses" and the Value of Human Connections

One cannot doubt the significant efficiencies that can be gained using technology, but at what cost to actual client relationships? What is the value of human connection? The truth is that any technology which reduces personal relationships may make financial sense in very large businesses charged with gaining scale in rising cost environments, but we think the importance of preserving the human touch and developing deep relationships is incredibly important in the “boring businesses” where people simply need a partner to help, particularly in home services like remodeling, plumbing, and electrical work to mention a few.

The Value of Human Connections

At The Lifestyle Group, our entire business is focused on relationships and people. In fact, we believe that technological advances help us to create a “unique value proposition” that didn’t used to be so unique. Having someone actually pick up the phone and talk to you or come to your home and stand with you to understand your needs will only become a greater distinguishing feature as we move forward and even more technology is adopted, especially for those who are dedicated to exceeding client expectations in those efforts.

Looking Ahead

Make no mistake in understanding the direction the world is headed. AI will be used to automate everything possible. Large companies will have to adapt to compete and your service experience in some ways will be exponentially better, while at other times your personal experience will suffer. Businesses like ours, which prioritize human interaction, will stand out because genuine, personal touchpoints will always be appreciated, even as the world embraces technological advancements.

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